• Educational & Training Facilities
  • Hospital & Welfare Facilities
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Office & Residential Condominium Buildings
  • Commercial Banks
  • Commercial Building & Theatres
  • Museums & Cultural Facilities
  • Memorial Facilities
  • Mass Housing, Townhouses & Individual Residential Buildings

Since its establishment, MPAAI has directly participated in Master Planning, Architectural Conceptual Planning & Design, Interior Design, Production of detailed Architectural & Engineering drawings, Preparation of Tender Documents and Construction Management Services in both international and local projects. 


Work With Us

Selecting MPAAI for a project will provide the following significant benefits and advantages to its client:

  • Project Team Experience- A project team with considerable experience and exposure to the design and supervision of similar developments is selected for each of the company's undertaking
  • Proven Track Record in Delivering Projects- The team has the desire, commitment and proven track record in managing and delivering innovative designs and supervision consistent with the client's requirements of function, quality, time and cost
  • Sound Methodology- Our approach and methodology has been formulated to achieve flexible, adaptable and the most cost effective solutions while meeting the client requirements for quality, functionality and time.
  • Value for Money- Competitive rates from an established team with an established track record
  • Quality Assurance- MPAAI operates under a practice Quality Management System conforming to ISO 9001
  • MPAAI's commitment- A secure corporate and financial position that is committed to provide the proper resources required by the project

The diversified experience working hand in hand with our Japanese counterparts has gained MPAAI the work oriented discipline and updated knowledge of modern design and construction technology which Japan is internationally known for.